Wood Burned Tribal Stratocaster

This is a vintage 1970’s Aspen brand Japanese Lawsuit Guitar that I refurbished. The wood burning is my own original design.

The guitar consists of only wood and metal external components; the body is beautifully crafted from two cuts of ash, the neck, headstock, and fret board are made from curly maple, the pick guard and back plate are rosewood-stained ailanthus wood, and the switch, knobs, pick up covers, and headstock plate were fashioned from maple. The wood was all finished with TruOil gunstock oil.

Over a hundred hours went into the making of this marvel. The tone is incredible and unrivaled by any other electric I’ve played.

Special thanks to Bob Keefe, Metro Guitar Repair, and Guitar Center, as well as family, friends, and strangers who supported me with encouragement. It was a dream come true seeing my love for art and music collide. Hopefully this project inspires others to create something truly unique.

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